Racial Equality & Advocacy for Inclusivity in Business

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Racial Equality & Advocacy for Inclusivity in Business


When: October 20, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM PDT

Who should attend: Entrepreneurs, Investors, Business owners, Business leaders, Employees, Business Vendors, Customers, YOU!

What to expect: A panel conversation with leaders, thinkers, and doers in business and beyond. Example of areas of focus are:

  • Awareness – recognizing how bias shows up in corporate and small business environments.
  • The Reality – highlighting systemic racism and access/wealth disparities and how this undermines Conscious Capitalism.
  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion – principles, assessment, and action plans (what works and what doesn’t).
  • Your Role in Racial Social Justice through Business – how to have a proactive approach and integrate safety, belonging, and value add sensibility to diverse work environments.


Conscious Capitalism is a way of thinking about capitalism and business that better reflects where we are in the human journey, the state of our world today, and the innate potential of business to make a positive impact on the world.

 ~ Conscious Capitalism Credo


Gregory Lamar Lewis: Vice President, Global Brand Strategy & Marketing at Citi. A Global Marketer with proven success designing integrated campaigns for leading brands that drive long-term brand loyalty with consumers across the globe. In his current role, he is focused on creating innovative and impactful campaigns that differentiate Citi’s Industry leading products and services, and providing strategic executional direction that drives global marketing strategy. As a global marketer and champion of equality and inclusion, he has an incredible opportunity and obligation to use his voice and platform to help engineer culture, galvanize movements, inspire empathy, compassion, and to hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Tierra Terry: Business Outreach & Communications Coordinator at the BBB, Doctoral Student at GCU. Tierra executes internal and external events to better the public knowledge of an organization’s services and resources. She focuses on redefining outreach to not only meet the needs of the consumer but the business as well.

Curtis Robinson: Leadership Facilitator, Founder of LeadSelf, LLC. Curtis loves to see people maximize their potential. Whether he is working with individual contributors looking to more effectively lead themselves, senior directors who desire to grow their business units or teams looking to improve their collective performance, Curtis is passionate about personal and group development. His passion was birthed while leading and coaching employees in the corporate environment for over 17 years. He has achieved national recognition for his success, including multiple #1 rankings in the US and earned the Diversity MBA Magazine’s “Top 100 Emerging Leaders under 50” award.

Haby Barry: Founder of Fulaba Jewelry, Strategic Marketing Entrepreneur, and CCSD Board Director. Haby’s work as a jewelry designer led her to create Fulaba, a boutique jewelry brand that provides timeless jewelry from African high culture. She is also an entrepreneurial marketer with over 12 years of experience building brand engagement and growth in B2B & B2C across industries such as tech, advertising, gaming, media, non-profit, music, entertainment, consumer goods and e-commerce. In everything she does, Haby is motivated to help others to strive to reach their God given potential. She is all about activities that support raising our consciousness as human beings and living a purposeful life.


October 20
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm PDT

Conscious Capitalism San Diego is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.